When you’re looking for professionals to do a job around the house, whether that is remodeling a bathroom or kitchen or doing repairs on a major appliance, there are several things that should be important to you. Knowledge, experience, training, and quality of service: these things all stick out as important when it comes to making sure your home and appliances are in good condition. You should expect no less from your chimney professionals. This is such an important job, contributing to the safety and beauty of your home, and you should make sure that the people you trust to come into your home are going to offer quality service at an affordable price. If you live in Yonkers, New York or any of the surrounding communities, and if you’re in the market for a chimney inspection and sweeping, repairs or remodeling, then the company to call is Alpine Chimney Sweeps.

Experience You Can Trust

Yonkers NY Chimney Service and Sweep - Westchester County NY - Alpine Chimney SweepsWhen it comes to experience, Joe Casey and the crew at Alpine have it. With over fifteen years of service under our belts, you can be sure that we’ve seen it all when it comes to chimney repairs or cleaning needs, and you can also be sure that chimneys are our passion. We understand how important it is to keep your chimney and fireplace in a state of good repair in order to keep your family safe, and we care about the safety of the community we serve. But chimneys aren’t the only thing that we specialize in. Another potential safety hazard is your dryer vents. Joe and his crew can also come in and make sure that your dryer vents are cleared out. This is an area that many people overlook, thinking that by clearing out the lint tray after every load or two of clothes they are keeping their home safe. This just isn’t the case. But it can be difficult to get into those dryer vents and clear them out without the proper tools. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we have the tools and the experience to make sure that your dryer vents are clear, making your dryer more efficient and keeping it safe from a dryer vent fire.

Top Level Training

Another thing you’ll want to look at is the training that we have received, and one way of showing this is through the certifications we hold. We are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the New York State Chimney Sweep Guild, and the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) and we are Certified Chimney Professionals. Each of these groups offers training and educational opportunities, and we take advantage of ongoing educational training and updates so that we can continue to offer our customers the latest and best service techniques in the industry. This also allows us to stay on top of all the current regulation changes as they happen.

Quality of Service

You don’t want to invite just anyone into your home when it comes to chimney inspection and cleaning. The professionals you hire should also care about leaving your home in as good of condition as it was when they come in. Obviously, with a job like a chimney cleaning, there will be some dust generated, but at Alpine, we make sure to contain the mess and leave your home like it was when we arrived. We know how important it is to keep our customers happy, and the testimonials from our customers will assure you that top-notch service is what we provide. We have also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can’t get any better than that! We take service to the highest level, making sure our customers are completely satisfied. As a family-run business, we know how important your home and family are, and it’s our mission to make sure that our customers are safe and happy.

Be Ready for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner, bringing busy-ness and happiness as you get together with family and friends to celebrate the season. Nothing brings that feeling of comfort and coziness like a good fire burning in the fireplace. If you haven’t had your chimney and fireplace inspected and cleaned, now is the time to give Alpine a call. Not only will we get rid of the dirt and grime and the odors that creosote buildup can cause, but we’ll also make sure that there are no areas of concern which might affect the safety of your home and family. Everyone knows that Santa won’t be happy if he has to come down a dirty chimney, and if Santa isn’t happy, that means fewer toys and presents for all those good boys and girls in your home!

Make sure that your holiday season is happy and safe by giving the professionals at Alpine Chimney Sweeps the chance to serve you by making sure your chimney and fireplace system is clean and safe. Enjoy the holidays more knowing that your chimney is in tip-top shape.