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Save Money & Put A Stop To Your Drafty Fireplace With A  Top-Sealing Damper

Want to lower your energy bills and fix your drafty fireplace? The solution is more affordable than you think! Here at Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we’re proud to offer our customers the industry’s best and most effective top-sealing dampers.

What makes them so much better than traditional throat/bottom dampers? We’re glad you asked.

Top-sealing dampers are installed up at the top of the chimney flue, and like traditional dampers, they’re closed when the fireplace isn’t in use and opened when it is. But because of their location, top-sealing dampers go a long way towards protecting the chimney against water damage and animal intruders. Bottom dampers are located below the flue, so they can’t offer the same protection.

Plus, top-sealing dampers provide an airtight seal, which means when your fireplace isn’t in use, you won’t have to worry about cold bursts of air coming down through your fireplace opening. You also won’t have to worry about losing the conditioned or heated air you’ve paid for. The top-sealing damper will keep outside air out and inside air in.

What else makes these dampers great?

  • They’re easy to open/close.
  • They’re discreet.
  • They carry a lifetime warranty.
  • With a top-sealing, energy-saving damper, you won’t need a chimney cap.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and you could be enjoying the energy savings, money savings, and protection of a top-sealing damper in no time — just call Alpine.

Call Alpine Today To Have Your New Top-Sealing Damper Installed Promptly & Professionally

If your damper is broken, rusted, and needs to be replaced, investing in a top-sealing damper is a wise decision. While top-sealing dampers are a bigger investment up front, most homeowners find that these dampers pay for themselves in energy savings.

Even brand new bottom/throat dampers leak because the seal is metal-on-metal, and recent lab studies have shown that bottom dampers cost homeowners up to an extra $200 in heating/cooling a year. Why waste your money on a new damper that’s only going to cost you more money in energy loss and frustration? Instead, call Alpine Chimney Sweeps and let our team of professionals outfit your chimney with a brand new top-sealing damper.

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Keeping your smoke chamber in good repair, even though you can’t see it from outside the fireplace area, is important to your family’s health and safety. So give us a call today for information about this important fireplace and chimney repair.