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Pests In Your Chimney? Don’t Worry, We’ll Get Them Out!

An uncapped chimney can quickly become a favorite nesting spot for animals, birds, bees, and wasps, and while it may be an ideal spot for them, it’s certainly not ideal for you and your family.

Not only can these little critters and creatures be noisy and destructive, but they can also make their way down into your home through the fireplace opening, or get stuck in the chimney and die — leaving you with an unpleasant odor and an unpleasant situation on your hands.

Additionally, they may:

  • bring fleas, ticks, mites, and parasites into the chimney
  • block the chimney with flammable nesting materials, feathers, fur, and other debris

But we can help.

Here at Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in the removal of pests, and can safely and effectively get and keep them out of your chimney. When we’re on the job, our team will work carefully to ensure that your chimney system remains protected, your home remains pest-free, and that every last pest is removed.

We’ll Sanitize Your Chimney For Your Protection & Safety

Once we have them out, we can sanitize the chimney itself, removing any nesting materials, feces, debris, bugs, and other undesirables brought in by the animals or birds, so you can be confident that your chimney is clean and you and your family are protected. You shouldn’t have to worry about the health and safety of your family when you sit down to enjoy a relaxing night by the fire, and with Alpine Chimney Sweeps on the case, you won’t have to.

Keep Pests Out For Good With A Quality Chimney Cap

Of course, our goal isn’t just to get animals, birds, and insects out of your chimney — it’s to keep them out! That’s why we install high-quality chimney caps. A chimney cap will be perfectly fitted to your flue to prevent moisture, insects, animals, and birds from creeping into your home rent-free in the future.

And don’t worry, we’ll “bee” careful — guaranteed!

Call Today & Let Our Experts Put Your Mind At Ease

Don’t let pests keep you from feeling comfortable in your own home. Call Alpine Chimney Sweeps and have them quickly removed by our team of experienced pest removal experts. We’re here to help. Call or fill out our online appointment form to get started!


Our chimney sweepings and inspections don’t have to stop on the inside of your chimney! Ask us about our exterior chimney cleaning services to get the information you need.