Our Warranties

Warranty Information

All parts and materials are warranted by the manufacturer for the period stated. Alpine Chimney Sweeps warranties the installation / application of these parts and materials for a period of a year(1) from the date of service. Labor is not included in warranty. Labor cost is extra. Our one year(1) warranty does not cover damage caused by storms, wildlife. If parts/materials are altered in any manner by any party other than Alpine Chimney Sweeps, the warranty is voided.

Brick Work or Mortar Repairs

General Deterioration is going to start the day we have finished the work. Example: We repair a crack in the fireplace (tuck point). That crack reappears within the month. Alpine Chimney Sweeps Inc will come and repair that crack again, as long as there are no odd circumstances as to why the crack has reappeared. Now if that crack reappears after extensive usage and time has passed then no warranty is given. Normal wear and tear, deterioration of joints or masonry surfaces due to overexposure from water, mold, fungus, or fire, acts of God, wildlife or collisions (human or mechanical) hairline cracks, spalling, cracking due to settling or shifting.

Alpine Chimney Sweeps Warranty Information

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Chase Covers

Alpine Chimney Sweeps warranties installation / application of these parts and materials for the period of one(1) year. This warranty has a lifetime coverage against rust and corrosion of this product by the manufacturer as long as said purchaser owns the home in which this stainless steel chase cover was originally installed. If these parts and materials are altered in any manner by any other party other than Alpine Chimney Sweeps, then the warranty is voided. All parts and materials must be readily available for Alpine Chimney Sweeps to pick up and / or evaluate if any problems occur or warranty will be voided. This warranty does not cover damage caused by storms, wildlife, acts of God, or lack of proper maintenance and is limited to the original purchaser only. Alpine Chimney Sweeps shall not be liable for any costs for removal or re-installation of the chase cover or any liability for special consequential or incidental damages in any way related to or arising out of defects or damages caused by incidences not covered by this warranty.

Chimney Caps / Top Mount Dampers

All Chimney Caps / Top Mount Dampers are designed up to the current codes and standards as well as designed by the proper code methods for each style of chimney item. All chimney caps / top mount dampers are lifetime guaranteed with an Alpine Chimney Sweeps professional install. Caps are not warranted from high winds over 50 miles per hour. Any falling debris, tree or vine growth touching the chimney cap, or any chimney deterioration of the chimney that causes the supports to come loose is not covered by the Alpine Chimney Sweeps warranty. There is a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion from the manufacturer.

Waterproofing / Chimney Leaks

10 Year Warranty, 100% vapor permeable, environmentally friendly non glossy look, efflorescence / stain protections, mildew / fungus resistance, freeze / thaw protection, water based environmentally friendly. Stops most chimney leaks. Alpine Chimney Sweeps uses the solvent base “Chimney Saver Waterproofing”. Water leak repairs are not 100% guaranteed if a leak has occurred. Alpine Chimney Sweeps Inc. estimates the best products (chimneysaver.com) to apply to prevent and stop leaks. If the exterior chimney chases mortar and brick are saturated and water is pouring into the home, then there is a possibility that you might need to replace the grout or rebuild the entire chimney. Our first step is to always apply the best repair products on the market for chimney leaks.

Refractory Panels

We suggest replacing any panels that are cracked completely into separate pieces. Not replacing these panels can cause the warranty to be voided on the fireplace and flue pipe. Panels are made to only absorb heat and will need to be replaced when cracking has completely separated the panel into two(2) or more pieces. Hairline cracks are not an issue or a fire hazard. No warranty on replacement refractory panels due to the usage of the fireplace is out of Alpine Chimney Sweeps’ control. Gates, cracked panels, wood being placed into an already burning fire sometimes falls back onto the panels creating cracks. Panels are made to break and absorb heat, therefore no warranty is given. However, if a panel breaks (not a stress crack), within the first couple of fires, call Alpine Chimney Sweeps to discuss a visit.

The Lifetime Lining System

This warranty applies as long as the purchaser owns the home in which the Lifetime Lining System, stainless steel chimney liner was originally installed.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions:

1. Liner and components must be installed by a certified solid fuel professional, and in accordance with these noted instructions.

2. Lining and components are intended for use in lining and re-lining masonry chimneys that vent tested and are approved and listed residential appliances for which Lifetime Lining Systems stainless steel chimney liner and components are intended.

3. Annual inspections and maintenance after the date of the installation continue once every 12 months by a certified chimney sweep or a quality, solid fuel professional.

4. The chimney must have a Lifetime Chimney Supply chimney cap.

5. Corrosive chemicals and chimney cleaners must not be used. Use of these products will void the warranty.

6. Please note driftwood wood pellets containing salt treated lumber and plastics. The chimney sweeping log and trash must not be burned, doing so will void the warranty.

7. The maintenance record must be up to date.

8. Never use a metal chimney brush. We strongly recommend the use of a plastic bristle chimney cleaning brush, as a metal brush damages the liner and will void the warranty.

9. In case of a chimney fire, the liner must be inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep professional or a qualified solid fuel professional before reuse.


Limited Workmanship Warranty. General deterioration is going to start the day that we finish the work.

Example of coverage:

If a material is installed and fails due to a workmanship error, Alpine Chimney Sweeps covers the needed repairs under our Limited Workmanship Warranty. If a material is installed and fails due to lack of maintenance / and or neglect by the homeowner, then it is not covered under Alpine Chimney Sweeps warranty.

Chimney Inspection

Alpine Chimney Sweeps’ safety inspections and / or chimney inspections are done as a visual inspection of the chimney and fireplace per the client’s request. This is a convenience, not a certification of fire worthiness or safety. Since conditions of use are beyond Alpine Chimney Sweeps’ control, we make no warranty of safety or function and none is implied. Any items noted on the estimate or invoice is what Alpine Chimney Sweeps determines needs attention for the proper anatomy of a quality functioning fireplace and chimney, Alpine Chimney Sweeps’ chimney inspection states that the following points were reviewed on the client’s fireplace and chimney:

1. The chimney flue is clear of any build-up of creosote (soot) or any kind of debris ( leaves, nesting debris, branches, pillows, etc.).

2. Checking to see if there is any cracking of any kind present in or on the chimney or fireplace panels or brick walls.

3. Checking to make sure that the damper is rust free and is closing properly.

4. Checking to make sure that the lintel is sealed.

5. Checking to make sure that the starter pipe is present and is functioning properly.

6. If gas logs are present, making sure that the gas is properly exhausting up the chimney flue and it has the proper venting materials on the burner.

7. Making sure the mortar crown on top is solid and crack free.

8. Making sure the flashing is rust free and solid.

9. Making sure the proper spark arrestor is on top of the chimney and the correct chimney cap is installed for your type of chimney.

10. Check to see if there is spalling of brick and proper waterproofing is needed.

11. If there is a wood chimney, check to see if there is any rotting of missing trim, panels, or flashing.

Chimney Sweep

1. Set up tarp.

2. Bring in Equipment.

3. Turn on the vacuum.

4. Clean pipes with poles that have a chimney sweep brush at the end. Run poles with brush on it to the top of the chimney and the vacuum will clean up all of the falling creosote (soot).

5. Clean all sides of the firebox and damper with hand brushes.

6. Take all equipment outside.

7. Wrap up tarp. This process is proven to be a no mess chimney sweep that takes about 30 – 45 minutes.