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We Repair Smoke Chambers In Long Island, White Plains & The Neighboring Communities

Does smoke seem to be an issue every time you light up a fire in your fireplace? The smoke chamber may be to blame. This part of the chimney system is what connects your fireplace to your chimney flue, and encourages smoke and other byproducts to go up into the flue so they can exit the chimney. When it fails to do its job — for whatever reason — smoke lingers in this area and eventually makes its way back into the home.

What Causes Smoke Chamber Damage & Problems?

Most commonly, smoke chamber issues are related to water damage, creosote buildup, heat damage, or poor construction — but no matter what the problem is, Alpine Chimney Sweeps can help. We offer smoke chamber cleaning and repair services, and we parge smoke chambers smooth for a safer, more effective smoke chamber.

Whether creosote has built up on the smoke chamber and needs to be removed, heat damage has left the smoke chamber cracked and riddled with gaps and holes, or your corbeled smoke chamber was poorly built and isn’t effectively funneling smoke, our team will take care of it.

We provide complete services:

  • clean smoke chambers
  • fill gaps, cracks, and holes in the smoke chamber
  • parge smoke chambers smooth

All of these services are designed to eradicate smoke chamber-related smoke issues and leave you with a better insulated, airtight, and effective smoke chamber.

What Is Smoke Chamber Parging?

Smoke chamber parging involves the use of a smoke chamber restoration system that’s highly insulated and able to take the abuse of incredibly high temperatures. We apply this product to the smoke chamber itself, sealing any cracks or holes, smoothing over any jagged spots or corbeled areas, and reshaping the smoke chamber so it’s safer and more effective at funneling smoke up into the chimney.

This highly insulating and effective process eliminates a host of these smoke chamber related threats:

  • smoky, unpleasant fireside experiences
  • the transfer of heat to nearby combustibles in walls
  • fires and other damage caused when stray sparks and hot ash gain access to nearby combustibles in walls

We’re Here To Keep Your Home Cozy & Your Family Safe — Schedule An Appointment Today!

If you think your smoke chamber may be damaged or poorly designed, schedule a chimney inspection with Alpine Chimney Sweeps. Our team will thoroughly evaluate your system, and let you know whether or not we recommend having your smoke chamber cleaned, repaired, or parged smooth. We’ll even provide you with before and after shots of our work.

Our goal is to make sure our clients in New Rochelle, White Plains, Yonkers, Armonk, Yorktown, Ossining, Mahopac, Mt. Sinai, Stony Brook, and Wading River enjoy safer homes and more relaxing nights by the fire. Let us help you keep your home cozy and your family safe by calling or clicking here to schedule your chimney inspection. We look forward to serving you!


Our experts can let you know if your chimney needs relining and will help you set up an appointment for it or any other chimney and fireplace repair you may need.