A fireplace can contribute a lot to a home, but in order for families to get the most from their system, they need to ensure it receives proper care and professional maintenance on a regular basis. It takes good airflow, well-functioning parts, technical knowledge, a properly-fitted liner, and more to ensure Prefabricated Fireplace Installation and Repairs - Westchester County NY - Alpine Chimney Sweepseverything works appropriately, and here at Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we have the tools, knowledge, and training to help you out with it all.

Now in more recent years, prefabricated fireplaces have become a very popular choice for homeowners. They provide all the advantages of having a fireplace in the home, only without the strenuous work and expense involved with building and maintaining a masonry unit. Learn more about these systems below, then trust in our Certified Chimney Professionals to set you up right. We’d love to get this process started for you!

Installing A Prefab Fireplace

Now, one of the biggest advantages of going with a prefabricated fireplace is how quick they are to install. If you were to have a masonry structure built into your home, you would be looking at a long construction process, with a lot of big expenses along the way. There also isn’t a lot of flexibility as far as placement in your home. Prefabricated units can be installed in far less time, and they won’t break your budget, either. You’ll also notice that there are more places you can put them.

Just remember – you must always have the installation process completed by a qualified technician! Failing to do so can result in some really dangerous scenarios for your household, such as gas leaks and house fires, and even a minor mishap or misplaced piece can result in some pretty big disasters. It’s not worth taking any chances! Count on our team from the start for the peace of mind you deserve.

Advantages Of A Prefabricated Unit

As we said, there are many benefits to prefabricated fireplaces, especially in regards to their installation, but they have countless other advantages, too. One is that they are far less permanent, meaning you aren’t forced to make a decision that will affect the look and function of your home for a lifetime. When properly cared for, a prefab unit should last around a decade, giving you ample time to enjoy it, without having to change the look of your living space forever.

And, since these models are factory tested, you can bet that they are safe to operate. When correctly installed by a chimney expert, they should bring you all the warmth and comfort you desire, ensuring you have peace of mind with every fire you light.

Worried about how your new addition will affect the aesthetic of your living space? Many are concerned that by going away from a traditional look and style, they lose out on a more classic ambiance. Well, don’t stress! Prefabricated units come in a wide range of styles and designs, and finding one that perfectly fits in with your living space shouldn’t be a problem at all. Give us a call now, and we would be happy to discuss your options!

Maintenance & Repairs

Now, just because your prefabricated fireplace differs from a traditional masonry set-up, doesn’t mean you won’t need regular inspections and maintenance. These units still need yearly overviews to ensure no clogs, obstructions, or broken down parts are present, and the sweep can also ensure you are getting the heat and efficiency you would hope for. All in all, an annual inspection is the best way to ensure your home and family are staying safer and more comfortable, and we would be happy to assist you with any further maintenance, too.

Along with this, repairs must be administered correctly, ensuring the unit still runs as it is supposed to, and any replacement parts must be in line with the model you own. We can find any UL listed component you need, and we can also administer repairs with the appropriate tools and technology, so you won’t be left with a malfunctioning system throughout these colder weeks.

If you need help, then the time to call is now. Damages that go unaddressed only get worse over time, and they can put your home and family at risk if you continue to use the fireplace. Don’t take any chances! Get in touch with our team today. Our service list is extensive, and we work with organizations like NCSG, the NFPA, and more to ensure we stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on it all.

Along with this, we have won multiple awards for our unparalleled customer service, and we hold an A+ rating with the BBB. Combine all that with our many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials, and you’ve got a team you can feel good about hiring for any and all of your chimney and fireplace-related needs!

Ready to get started? Great! We’re eager and excited to help. Reach out today.