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Protect Your Home & Prevent Sewer Gas Backup With A Properly Installed Vent Cap

You know the little pipes on your roof that vent your toilets? It’s important that you have those capped as well! Mice, rats, and squirrels can get in, leaves can fall in, and birds can even build nests inside these pipes if they’re not properly capped — and trust us, that’s not something you want.

Even a small blockage will allow sewer gases to enter your home through your sink drain, bringing with it, bacteria, viruses, and methane gas. Not what you want in your home! And who wants to see little eyes staring up at you when you go to use the toilet?

Our Installation Experts Will Have Your Vent Capped In No Time

If your waste stack or roof vent isn’t properly protected with a cap, call Alpine Chimney Sweeps. We specialize in vent cap installation, and we can make sure your vent stays free of leaves, animals, and other debris. Call or fill out an appointment request form online to schedule your vent cap installation today.

Expert help is just a phone call or click away for residents in Yorktown, White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, and the neighboring communities — reach out to us today!


When you check out our other services, you’ll discover that we also do dryer vent cleaning to help maintain safe conditions in your home while increasing dryer efficiency.