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Our Chimney Waterproofing Services Provide Years Of Protection

If you don’t give your chimney a whole lot of thought throughout the year, you’re not alone. Most of us take our chimney for granted, not realizing how much of a beating it takes every year, and how simple it can be to provide the protection it needs to stand strong against the elements.

Water is one of the biggest threats to your chimney, and prolonged exposure to water can cause deterioration and damage to the brick and mortar itself. These masonry materials are porous, so naturally, your chimney will absorb some water. The problem is, when water damage occurs, the masonry starts to wick in even more water, leading to more damage.

As temperatures rise and fall, the freeze/thaw cycle begins, in which water expands and contracts, causing cracks and openings that will only allow more water in. This process can also cause the facing of the brick to spall or pop off.

The reality is, water- and weather-related chimney deterioration is expensive to repair, but it’s also easy to prevent.

Get The Best Protection With ChimneySaver Water Repellent

There are several products that have been developed specifically for waterproofing masonry chimneys, but not every product will do the job well. You will need to find products that are 100% vapor-permeable, which will allow the chimney to breathe, while simultaneously blocking water from entering your chimney.

The best way to protect your chimney and your home is to have your chimney professionally waterproofed by the team at Alpine Chimney Sweeps.

Here at Alpine, we use ChimneySaver water repellents, which are trusted by chimney professionals everywhere. ChimneySaver doesn’t only reduce water penetration by 99.9%, it also provides freeze/thaw protection, and is mildew/fungus resistant. And what’s even better? It won’t change the way your chimney looks or leave a sheen or tint on your masonry.

Stop & Prevent Water Damage — Call Alpine Today!

Is your chimney leaking? Is your masonry chimney cracked and deteriorating? Whether damage has already begun or you’re ready to get to work on prevention, Alpine Chimney Sweeps can help. Give us a call today or reach out to us online to schedule your chimney waterproofing service today.

We can also waterproof your entire home — just ask!


A chimney cap is a must when it comes to protecting your chimney against leaks. Ask us all about it today.