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No Masonry? No Problem! We Also Specialize In Prefabricated Fireplace & Chimney Installation & Repair

Do you have a prefabricated fireplace or need one installed? We don’t just specialize in masonry chimney systems — we have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your prefab fireplace and chimney as well. Here are some of our specialties:

Metal Prefab Chimney/Fireplace Installation

While masonry chimneys and fireplaces are great, more and more New Yorkers are opting for metal prefab chimneys and fireplaces. Why?

For one, these systems are more affordable because they are manufactured, made of lighter, less expensive materials, and simply installed in the home. As you can imagine, it takes significantly less time to install a prefab system in the home than it does to completely build a masonry chimney and fireplace from the ground up, which means lower labor costs as well.

Another reason prefab chimneys and fireplaces are growing in popularity is that they don’t require the same footing that a heavy masonry fireplace and chimney require, which means homeowners have greater flexibility in terms of installation.

Why else?

Well, when building a masonry chimney and fireplace from the ground up, a lot can go wrong — especially if the masons don’t know their stuff. As a result, you could end up spending thousands on a chimney and fireplace system that doesn’t even work properly.

With a prefab chimney and fireplace, each component is designed to work together and tested in factory for efficiency and safety. So when you invest in a prefab system, assuming installation is done properly, you won’t have to worry about your new chimney and fireplace performing poorly.

And lastly, today’s prefabricated systems are available in such a wide variety of styles and designs, and materials are so authentic looking, that for many homeowners, it just makes sense. You can get the latest, on-trend looks for a fraction of the price.

Faux Brick Chimney Chase/Housing Installation

Of course, prefabricated chimneys are really just pipes that stick up out your home, which isn’t always the best look. But don’t worry — we can help make your prefab chimney the stylish addition you dream of, while offering the entire system added protection against water and weather damage.

We install faux brick chimney chases to house prefabricated chimneys. This housing is much, much cheaper than real brick, and it gives the home that same classic look. Plus, it shields your prefab chimney against rain, snow, sleet, ice, and other damaging elements. It’s a win/win for your wallet and your home!

Prefab Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Just like anything, your prefab chimney may need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Annual inspections and cleanings are still a must, and we can take care of that for you — but we can take care of repairs as well. If a particular component breaks, we’ll find the right UL listed and tested replacement and make sure installation is done exactly as directed by the manufacturer.

We also install metal prefab chimneys that are UL listed and tested to 2100 degrees for your gas and oil appliances — just ask!

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A new top-sealing damper will do a great job of keeping conditioned air inside while also functioning as a chimney cap, keeping unwanted water and debris out of your chimney. Ask us for details on this important chimney repair.