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By simply dialing our number now, residents of New Rochelle, Homestead Park, Residence Park, Pine Brook, White Plains, Mt. Sinai, Yonkers, Rochelle Heights, Huguenot Park, Isle of San Souci, Sun Haven, Pelham, and Beechmont can gain the peace of mind they deserve. Leave your chimney maintenance to us — call today.

New Rochelle is a big city with big dreams and a big sense of community. With a rich history that expands over three centuries, it’s clear that this is a place people have always cherished. Whether you are looking to relax, be productive, or do a little bit of both, this is an area that will provide everything you need to get the task done… and more!

Immerse yourself in the arts by visiting Backstreet Gallery, the Museum of Arts & Culture, or one of this city’s many other art venues. Then, stop by Ward Acres Community Garden to see how various members of the community come together to spread knowledge, share tips, and help feed those in need.

With tons of natural areas like Davenport Neck Bird Sanctuary, Feeney Park, Five Islands Park, Twin Lakes County Park, and more, it’s easy to stay busy with loved ones. When everyone is ready to eat, stop by Dubrovnik Restaurant, AJ’s Burgers, Modern Restaurant & Lounge, Alvin & Friends, Patsy’s Pizzeria, or one of the many other great restaurants around town.

We’ve been up, down, and across Baraud Road, Wilmot Road, Hutchinson River Parkway, Stratton Road, Quaker Ridge Road, Pinebrook Boulevard, Webster Avenue, Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive, Mayflower Avenue, Coligni Avenue, Weyman Avenue, Huguenot Street, Centre Avenue, Pelham Road, Kings Highway, North Avenue, Forest Avenue, Rockingstone Avenue, and all throughout New Rochelle, serving this area and all of its surrounding communities. Become a part of the Alpine Chimney Sweeps family by setting up an appointment with us today.

Fireplace Sending Smoke Into Your Living Room? Let Us Take A Look

There are lots of reasons you may be experiencing excess smoke from your fireplace. This a frustrating issue and can put a damper on your evening in a hurry — but don’t let it. We can troubleshoot your chimney performance issues, so you don’t have to stress about a smoke-filled home, inefficiency, or any other potential issues.

We want residents throughout the White Plains area to be able to use their fireplace without any hassle or headaches. Count on us to handle it all — just one quick phone call and you’ll be on your way to a better working fireplace and chimney.

In addition to addressing smoke/odor problems, we also handle chimney sweepings and inspections, pest removal, chimney sanitizing, exterior chimney cleaning, and oil and gas boiler/burner cleaning. Need repairs? We do that, too! Check out our full list of chimney repairs and other services below.

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

Chimney Leaks & Waterproofing

Other Services

Offering The Quality Care That You Deserve

We believe that residents here deserve the very best from their chimney company — is that what you’re getting? Whether you’re in Chester Heights, Beechmont Woods, Vernon Park, Forest Knolls, Larchmont, Ossining, or somewhere else in the area, call on Alpine Chimney Sweeps for the quality care you deserve. Call or click here to request an appointment today.


Our White Plains neighbors enjoy our dependable chimney and vent services year round in their portion of our service area.