Now that summertime is almost officially here, it’s time to think about having some repair work done around the house. Summertime is the best time to have repair work done. Springtime can still get hit with late winter snow, and if it’s not snowing, it can be pretty rainy in a New York springtime. When you’re having repair work done, repairmen may have to go in and out of the house, carrying tools or other supplies, and that means lots of traffic through the front door. During the winter, that means letting cold air in, but during the summertime, it feels good to let the warm breezes in. If you’re talking about having your chimney masonry repaired, however, there’s a better reason to wait until the summertime to have this work done.

Masonry Repair Needs Special Attentionhands working on masonry rebuild

When you’re working with masonry, one of the things that you need to consider is temperature. Ideally, for the mortar to handle and set properly, the temperature should be at least seventy degrees F. This keeps the mortar easy to work with. If the temperatures are too cold, you will need to keep the mortar heated so that it doesn’t freeze. If the temperatures are freezing or below, the water content of the cement can freeze and expand. This heating can be done, but it’s easier and less expensive to do these repairs during the summer months.

What Types of Repairs

There are several different reasons that your chimney may need to be repaired. One of these is water leaks. When winter hits in New York, those temperatures can get pretty cold, and that can cause cracks in your mortar due to the freeze/thaw cycle. Moisture rests in the pores of the mortar, and when that moisture freezes, it expands, causing the pores to expand as well. This cycle repeats itself until finally that expansion can cause cracks, and that’s when the moisture is going to begin to seep into your chimney. Some of the problems that this can cause include rusted dampers that won’t seal properly, rusted fireplace accessories, stained chimney exterior or decaying mortar, or water stains on the walls or ceilings inside your house.

Who Do You Call?

If you suspect that you may be having problems with your masonry, the first call to make should be to Alpine Chimney Sweeps. We have close to twenty years of experience in the chimney sweeping business, and that means that we know the job inside and out. We belong to numerous chimney sweep organizations, and that gives us access to the best training in the industry. Give us a call soon, before the summer fills up with chimney inspection and repair jobs.