Would you love to have a fireplace, but don’t have the space or the support system in your home to actually build one? There is an alternative that you can opt for, one that won’t be as heavy or expensive as a full chimney and fireplace system. If you’re serious about wanting a fireplace, think about installing a prefabricated fireplace in your home.

Benefits of a Prefabricated ChimneyWe can help with your prefabricated chimney

First, as stated, one of the biggest benefits of a prefabricated chimney is the fact that it is lightweight and less expensive than a brick and mortar chimney system. With a brick and mortar system, your home needs to have extensive footing for support or your floor will not be able to hold up under the weight. A prefabricated chimney doesn’t require this extra support because it is made of lightweight, less expensive material. Also, with a prefabricated fireplace, the firebox is built-in, so you don’t need to worry about how deep it needs to be.

Another benefit of a prefabricated chimney is that it is easier to install. It comes direct from the factory as a complete system, which means all the sections go together perfectly. This also means that they’ve been tested as an assembled unit at the factory, so you can be assured that they will work together safely.

Another great thing about a prefabricated chimney is that it is less likely to leak. It’s pretty reasonable to deduct that more joints and junctures means more opportunities for leaks to sneak through. With a prefab chimney, the amount of joints and junctures are kept to a minimum, and that means that there won’t be as many chances for precipitation to leak in and cause damage to your home’s walls and ceilings.

Time is important to all of us, and when we decide we want to purchase something, we want the purchase and installation to come sooner rather than later. A prefabricated chimney is easier to install because it has fewer pieces, and this means that you’ll be able to enjoy your fireplace most likely sooner than you would with a brick and mortar chimney.

Admittedly, prefabricated chimneys typically don’t last as long as brick and mortar chimneys. The materials they are made from are not as durable as brick and mortar, but that still does not mean they aren’t a worthwhile, long-term investment. In fact, without unusual stress on the system, they can last anywhere from ten to twenty years, and if you keep on top of maintenance and repairs, you’ll be enjoying your prefab fireplace for a long time!

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