Fall in New York is an amazing time. The leaves are beautiful, the air is crisp, still warm but with a hint of cool temperatures in the evening, and there’s the anticipation of cold weather and snow that is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about sweep measuring chimney on roofgetting ready for those winter days, and if you haven’t already done so, one thing that definitely needs to be taken care of is your chimney care. If you’re thinking about chimney care, then give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call soon and we can get you on our calendar before colder weather hits.

What Needs to be Done

The first thing we’ll do when we come in to look at your chimney is to do a thorough inspection. If you’ve been having these done on a regular basis, at least once a year as per Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommendation, we’ll be able to come in and just take a close look at all the parts of your chimney that are readily accessible. We’ll look at the structure of the chimney and make sure it’s sound, and make sure that the chimney doesn’t have any obstructions. We’ll also check all the connections to make sure they’re hooked up correctly.

Another thing we’ll be looking for is any repair or rebuild work that needs to be done. If we find a problem with the structure of your chimney, we’ll dig a little deeper and do a video inspection, where we can take a look at the interior of the chimney. If we see areas that need repair, autumn is a great time to get that work done. That’s because mortar can be a tricky substance to work with, and it sets up best in hot weather rather than cold. The cold weather can cause the liquid in the cement to expand, and that will cause an expansion in the mortar that should not take place. When this happens, the structural integrity of the mortar is diminished, and that means that the bricks or stones may not be held secure. This is one reason that it is a good idea to get your mortar repair work finished while the weather is still warm. It is also easier for our employees to do the work when the weather is warmer, especially if the repair or rebuild work will require indoor and outdoor work.

Go With Experience

If you’re looking for a company to do inspection and repair work and don’t know who to call, call the company that has years of experience. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we have over eighteen years of experience under our belts, and we take great pride in the service that we have provided to our community through the years. We are proud of the certifications our company holds, and we take advantage of all the opportunities to train and educate our employees on all the latest techniques and technologies. Just give us a call and we’ll give you high-quality chimney repairs and rebuilds on whatever part of your chimney needs repairing!