If you live in Suffolk County, New York, you know all the great opportunities there are to enjoy the fall weather. You know that winter is coming, so you really should get out and enjoy the crisp autumn air for as long as you can. Get out and enjoy the colored leaves, or take a nature hike and do some bird watching. Or enjoy a fall picnic with some of your favorite foods, washing it down with some cool apple cider. Whatever you choose to do, getting out and Suffolk NY Chimney Sweeping and Inspection - Westchester CO NY - Alpine Chimney Sweepsenjoying the weather should be a top priority. After spending a day in the great outdoors, it’ll feel great to sit down and enjoy a crackling fire to take the chill out of the fall air. Before settling down in front of your fireplace, though, if you haven’t had your chimney inspected and swept, it’s time to give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call to set up an appointment to have that done. If you’re wondering who to call, the decision is clear: Joe Casey and his professional staff care about Suffolk County and they care about the people living there, and this means that every job they do will be completed at a high level of quality service and expert repairs. We want the people of Suffolk County to be safe and secure in their homes, and taking care of your chimney and fireplace needs is our way of ensuring just that.

Three Levels of Inspection

One thing we’ll determine is what level of inspection we’ll need to perform. A Level One Inspection will involve just the very basics. If you have gotten your chimney inspections done every year and you’ve kept up on maintenance, all we’ll really need to do is go in and look things over and make sure that all the creosote is cleared out. If, however, you’ve had some problems over the course of the past year, or suspect that there’s some slight damage to a part of your chimney, we’ll do a Level Two Inspection. This involves doing a video inspection of the interior of your chimney to see if there is any damage, any cracks to the chimney lining, or even damage from an undetected chimney fire. If you’ve sold your home or made any changes to your chimney system, this level of inspection is required by law.

If upon inspection, we suspect that there is extensive damage to your chimney, we may have to do a Level Three chimney inspection. This calls for us to actually remove part of the chimney to take an up-close and personal look at the damage that’s been sustained and make any repairs necessary so that your chimney is safe to use for the winter.

Call Before Fall Hits in Earnest

Now is the time to take care of your chimney inspection and cleaning, before you want to start using your fireplace to ward off the autumn chill. Trust Joe and the folks at Alpine Chimney Sweeps to take care of all your chimney needs.