Here in Suffolk County, we’ve gotten through another long, cold winter, and there’s no denying the warm days of spring are a welcome sight. Unfortunately, with spring comes something else – lots of rain. You’ve likely prepared yourself with rain boots, jackets, and an umbrella for those drizzly days ahead, but can you say you’ve invested in the same protection for your chimney?


Chimneys always seem like one of the sturdiest structures around, but there are some things (like water and moisture) that can cause them quite a lot of damage. Because of this, it’s vital to invest in repairs and preventive maintenance early on to ensure your system stays as strong and healthy as possible.

If you’re seeing water where it shouldn’t be, or if you’re at all concerned about a damaged or crumbling chimney, then it’s time to call us in. It’s likely you have a vulnerable area that’s letting water in, which can then trigger rot, mold, rust, decay, and more throughout your walls, ceiling, and chimney.

Fortunately, the professionals at Alpine Chimney Sweeps know what to do and how to find the source of any leak! Once we’ve spotted the issue, we’ll make any needed repairs, then set your system up with everything necessary to ward off water down the line. Let’s get started – call today!

Moisture & Your Masonry

So, how does rain cause problems? Well, one way is through the simple process of it continuously hitting your masonry and wearing it down over time. This basic wear and tear is a big reason why checking in on your system annually is so important!

Another thing to be wary of is the freeze-thaw cycle. During this process, moisture soaks into your absorbent brickwork and stays put. Once those regular wintertime freezes occur, that moisture freezes and expands. And your brick and mortar? They expand right along with it, leaving even more space for moisture to enter and wreak havoc.

The more this cycle repeats itself, the more damage you end up with, eventually leaving you with problematic cracks and crevices throughout the masonry. This opens the door for leaks and more severe structural damage down the line, which will require some major repairs or even rebuilds.

Other issues that can occur include a rusted and warped damper assembly, brown and stained ceiling tile, soft and weakened walls and floorboards, decaying exterior mortar, rusted flashing, a broken-down chimney cap, mold growth throughout your home, and more.

Heard enough? Then it’s time to learn about how our certified and experienced crew can help you out with it all.

All About Our Repair Services & Preventive Maintenance

One of the most effective ways to safeguard your masonry is investing in waterproofing. And the most important part of the waterproofing process is the solution that’s used! At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we use ChimneySaver because it is the best possible product for keeping water out, while also allowing your chimney to vent out necessary vapors and any pre-absorbed moisture.

An important part of the waterproofing process is hiring the right company to do the job right, and that’s where Alpine Chimney Sweeps comes in. We have almost two decades of service experience under our belts, and that means we’ve had plenty of experience with waterproofing. Call now to get your appointment booked!

Another area that can cause problems is the space where the chimney meets the roof. The solution to protecting this at-risk area is to cover it with big strips of metal, otherwise known as flashing. Flashing is designed to direct the water away from the joint and into your gutters, but time and bad weather can cause it to deteriorate prematurely.

We can check out your flashing to make sure it’s in great shape and recommend replacement options if they’re needed.

Now, in terms of water protection, one of the most important defenses against leaks is the chimney cap. Chimney caps sit on the top of the chimney and protect it from sleet, snow, rain, and more. Unfortunately, if your chimney cap is damaged, that protection isn’t available. And, believe it or not, some homes don’t even have a chimney cap!

Alpine Chimney Sweeps can help you find the perfect cap to fit your chimney and keep moisture out. As an added bonus, a properly fitting chimney cap will also keep out animals, birds, and other flying creatures, too!

Finally, ensuring your crown is in tip-top shape is a must. The crown’s design ensures water moves out and away from the sides of your masonry, so that it faces less direct contact with the water itself. Need help with crown repairs? We’re the team to trust, so please reach out!

Call on Alpine Chimney Sweeps Today

If you see signs of water leaks or damage, it’s time to take care of them. The longer you wait, the worse the problems will get, and it won’t be long before the damage spreads to the walls and ceiling of your home as well.

So, call on Alpine Chimney Sweeps at the first signs of trouble. We’ll set up an appointment to find and take care of the source of the problem before any more damage can occur. Whether it’s the flashing, chimney cap, or any other type of structural damage causing your issues, we have the tools and the experience to stop that leak and keep your home safer!

Fall will be back around before you know it, so there’s no time to lose. Call us at 800-809-5023 now!