If you live in New York, you know what it’s like to get through a long, cold winter. If you’ve made it through a long, New York winter, you know that what’s going to follow is a wet, New York spring. You’re probably ready for muddy shoes and wet floors. But there are some other things that you might not be so ready for, and one of those things is a leaky chimney. Even though it seems like your chimney is the most sturdy structure around, there are some things that can cause it damage, and one of the main things is weather, most especially precipitation.

Effects of PrecipitationLooking at a house through a window and it's raining outside.

So, you probably understand what weather does to things. Wind can drive sand and dust particles against structures and that can wear things down. The rays of the sun can beat down on dirt and mortar, and that can dry things out, causing cracks and chips. Rain can cause problems in a couple of ways. One way is through the simple process of rain continually hitting the structure of your chimney, wearing it down over time. Another way is through the freeze-thaw cycle. During this process, precipitation gets into the pores of the mortar and bricks and rests there. Once the New York freeze comes, that precipitation freezes and expands, and those pores expand with it, leaving a bigger space for more precipitation to hide, and this cycle repeats itself. As the process continues, with the pores getting bigger and bigger, you’ll end up with cracks and crevices for leaks to take place, or worse yet, more severe structural damage. If this happens, you could be looking at some major repairs or even rebuilds.

What problems can be caused by rain damage to your chimney? Some of the issues can include rusted and warped damper assembly, brown and stained ceiling tile, soft and weakened walls and floorboards, falling chimney structure, decaying exterior mortar. Have you heard enough? When you call Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we’ll make sure that any leaks are repaired and any damage from leaks is taken care of. We’ll also advise that you have your chimney waterproofed to prevent further damage from occurring.


The most important part of the waterproofing process is the solution you use. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we use ChimneySaver. The reason that this is the best possible product is that it keeps the precipitation from soaking into the brick and mortar while allowing any moisture that’s still in the brick and mortar to leave. Another important part of the process is hiring the right company to do the waterproofing, and that’s where Alpine Chimney Sweeps comes in. We have almost two decades of service experience under our belts, and that means we’ve had plenty of experience with waterproofing.

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