When you think of Alpine Chimney Sweeps, you probably think of having your chimney cleaned and inspected. That’s great because those are a couple of the jobs we specialize in. When it comes to chimney inspections, sweepings, and repairs, we’re the best in the business. We love man climbing ladder to get on roofserving the people that live in Suffolk County, New York, and the surrounding communities as well because we love this part of the country and we want the people who live here to be safe and healthy. It’s important to have those chimney inspections and cleanings done on an annual basis, as suggested by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) because over the course of a year of fire burning, your chimney can get pretty dirty. Dirt isn’t even the biggest problem, however. When we come in and clean your chimney, we’ll be sure to get all the creosote out, and we’ll also be looking for any chimney repair work that needs to be done.

Chimney Work and Beyond

Chimney work isn’t the only thing that we specialize in. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we know that there are other areas that can cause major damage to your home, and we want to make sure that you are covered there as well. One of these areas is your gutters. Your gutters line the edge of the roof, and they carry out an important purpose: getting precipitation away from the foundation or off the roof of your house. Over the course of the year, debris, dried leaves, twigs, and other garbage can fall into your gutter and clog it up, effectively stopping water from flowing down the gutter to the downspout and being directed away from your home. This water, with nowhere else to go, can fall directly to the ground next to your foundation and seep into your basement. If it stays on the roof, it can cause leaks into the interior of your home as well. And that leafy, debris-filled gutter can make a great place for rodents or birds to build nests, further clogging the gutters.

Do It Yourself?

You may think that cleaning the gutters is a job that you could easily do yourself. If you do choose to undertake this task, make sure that you have a solid ladder and that the ground is completely firm beneath it. You also have to be solid on the ladder. If you consider that you might fall and that a fall from the top of a ladder might cause serious injury that could lay you up for a long while, you might realize that this is a job that’s best left to the professionals. This is a nasty job and a dangerous one, and we have the tools and the experience to do the job. Let Alpine Chimney Sweeps do the dirty work for you and trust us with all your chimney and gutter cleaning work.