Summer evenings are amazing with longer days and walks with cool breeze. But summer passes quickly, and soon it will be autumn. However, is your fireplace ready to use before it gets cold again? Before you put your fireplace to use, you need to make sure that everything is running properly and all soot and creosote build-up are gone. Now is the perfect time to schedule your annual chimney inspection and cleaning with us!

Avoid the Fall Rush

Now is a Great Time to Have Your Chimney Work Done - Westchester County, NY - Alpine Chimney SweepsEvery business has its busy season, and it’s no exception at Alpine Chimney Sweeps. It’s easy to put tasks off, and we often find our calendar filling up quickly by the end of summer or early fall. As the weather gets cold, people start to realize that they’ll use their fireplace again soon. That makes fall our busy season as people rush to get their fireplace ready to use for the cold weather ahead. That’s why it’s a good idea to give us a call now!

Another reason to schedule now is to get repair work finished before the busy fall season arrives. If we find crumbling mortar during our inspection, this may be a cracked chimney cap or crown, rusty dampers, or ripped flashing, you’ll want these things fixed before you put your fireplace to work. Our technicians are efficient, but repair jobs can take extensive time depending on the damage. We recommend getting started with those repairs immediately, so your fireplace is ready for fall.

Creosote Build-up

Another reason to get your chimney inspected in right now is because of creosote buildup. Creosote is left behind with each fire you burn, condensing on the interior to form a substance that is highly flammable. Even at as little as an eighth of an inch of creosote buildup in your chimney is very dangerous. Lighting a fire before this buildup has been cleared could lead to a stray spark or ember landing on this material and causing a disastrous chimney fire.

Call Today to Get on the Schedule

There are many reasons to call us right now to get your fireplace ready for use this fall and winter. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we want to make sure you have the best fireplace experience! Call us today at 877-203-6553 to inspect your chimney, clean it, and make necessary repairs before the cold strikes!