We Clean & Install Gutters & Gutter GuardsMost homes have gutters, and if they don’t, they should. Gutters serve an important service; they divert rainwater away from your roof and down to the ground. This can save your roof from lots of damage, and it serves other useful purposes as well!

Purposes of Your Gutter System

If rain falls on a house without rain gutters to give it a proper path to follow, the rain will fall straight down and onto the ground. This promotes soil erosion, which is often used for landscaping around your home. If you want your landscaping to stay in good condition, you’ll want to make sure that you have a solid gutter system that properly leads water away from your home. Gutters also protect your siding. If the rain isn’t directed away from your home, it will more easily splash against the siding, causing it to have increased wear and tear more quickly than it should.

Another thing that rain gutters do is to protect your basement from water damage and your foundation from eroding quickly. When rain falls and is allowed to land at the base of your home, your foundation is being exposed to the effects of erosion, but that is also a junction that will allow rain to get into the home more easily as well. If the rain gutter is in good condition and working properly, the rain run-off will end up far off in the middle of the yard rather than in your finished basement.

Full Gutters

The problem with gutters is their placement. Properly placed on the edge of your roof, they can catch the precipitation easily as it runs down the slope. The trouble is, precipitation isn’t the only thing that lands on the roof. When leaves, twigs, or other blowing debris fall on the roof, they are directed into the gutter as well, where they can sit and mold and rot. They can also plug up your gutter, making it so the rain can’t easily pass through, which defeats the whole purpose of having gutters! Birds like to make nests in gutters as well, which can also block the rain from being diverted from the foundation of your home.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned and Add Gutter Guards!

There are a couple of problems with full gutters. One is that you have to actually get on the roof to get them cleaned out! This can be dangerous, as you’ll either be working from the roof itself or from an unsteady ladder that can tip or fall if you’re not careful. Another problem is that it’s just a nasty job. Who likes to stick their hand into a bunch of smelly, rotting leaves or pull out an old birds nest? If this is a job that you continue to put off week after week until another year has passed, the solution is just a call away. Call Alpine Chimney Sweeps at 877-226-1739 and our professionals will come and clean out your gutters lickety-split. After we get them cleaned, we’ll install Gutter Guards. These micro-mesh covers attach to your gutters to keep leaves, birds, and debris out! Say goodbye to clogged gutters with Gutter Guards!