It’s finally autumn, and the weather is getting colder each day. With each cold days and nights, you know that nothing will get you as warm and cozy as  snuggling up in front of a crackling fire. However, if you notice strange noises coming from the interior of your chimney, it may not be the ideal time to build a fire. Strange noises can only mean that you have unwelcome guests living inside your chimney, and it’s time to call the professionals.

Animals in the Chimney

a squirrel eating It is not uncommon for critters to get in your chimney and set up residence. Birds, squirrels, raccoons, and more are looking for a safe place to stay that is warm and dark. Your chimney is the ideal location for them, as it’s out of the way of predators, wind and rain. What a great place to set up a home! However, what’s great for the animals isn’t so great for the homeowner. In the first place, it is a major annoyance.

Animals make noises that you can’t block out. This means you have to live with the scratching, skittering, and squeaking noises they make until they’re ready to leave. Animals also can carry diseases on their bodies and through their droppings. Not only this, but if you’re unfortunate enough to have an animal die in your chimney, there are several bacterial diseases that they can also spread. The smell is not pleasant, either! Sometimes, animals also leave their nests and nesting material behind once they move out. This mass of leaves can cause a chimney fire in an instant.

Add a Chimney Cap

When you call Alpine Chimney Sweeps to clean your chimney, you can guarantee we’ll clean out any animal debris, twigs or leaves that are left behind. We can take care of your whole chimney and fireplace system, from top to bottom. However, the best solution to protect against invasions to your chimney is with a chimney cap. They are specially designed to keep not just rain out of your chimney, but animals and debris as well. It has a sloped top to direct rain away from the chimney and metal screen sides to keep critters and debris out.

If you’re looking to stop animals from getting in your chimney, give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call today and let us get you fitted for a new chimney cap!