When it comes to your fireplace and chimney system, we don’t take notice of them unless problems arise. If you don’t know a lot about them, then it’s even easier to get by year after year and assume that everything is okay. However, if you do start to notice a problem? For instance, if you start to notice water in the firebox, or dark stained areas in the ceiling paper or on the walls by your fireplace? Then there is a bigger problem going on inside your chimney than the eyes can see. It’s time to call the professionals in because you probably have a leaky chimney!

Leaky Chimney

a lovely chimney cap on a red roofIf you’ve noticed signs of water leaks around your fireplace, it’s time to give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call. Our professional staff can come in and take a look at your chimney right away. There are a couple of things we look into, such as structural damage or damage to your chimney crown. Both of these are big fixes, but Alpine knows how to fix them. We offer the best selection of chimney caps on the market.

Purposes of a Chimney Cap

There are several reasons to install a chimney cap, and the two most important reasons are to keep rain and critters out. Although your chimney crown also helps to keep precipitation out, but a chimney cap is the final link to keep your chimney and fireplace dry. The chimney cap sits on the very top of your chimney crown and overhangs it by a couple of inches. It is designed with a sloped top, which helps to deflect the precipitation away from the chimney and towards the roof. It is made of metal, so it doesn’t absorb any moisture and dries when the sun comes out.

Although staying dry is a great reason for a chimney cap, another thing that the chimney cap accomplishes is to keep animals out. The sides of the chimney cap are made of metal, but they are also made of mesh. This allows smoke to leave your chimney, but it also keeps animals, birds, debris, dried leaves, and twigs from getting inside your chimney.

Call Alpine Chimney Sweeps

At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we have all types of chimney caps to suit your style and home. Whether you want something decorative or discreet, made of copper, stainless steel, or something else, we have it all. We look forward to serving you and helping you choose the best chimney cap for your home!