When you live in Yonkers, New York, you know what it feels like to live in the coldest and the hottest weather! A sturdy home matters to protect homeowners from the heat and cold. One of the most sturdy structures in your home is your chimney. Over time, your chimney is like the rest of your house. It can be worn down by the wind, rain, and snow.

This is one reason that is so important to have your chimney inspected annually. Most people think this means a good chimney cleaning, but when you call Alpine Chimney Sweeps, you get so much more than just a good cleaning! We are a total care chimney company, so we’ll make sure that your chimney and fireplace system are clean and in a great shape.

Strong Masonry Chimney Structure

chimney with a nice capAlthough your chimney is a sturdy structure, the weather can really take a toll on it, especially the mortar. When the wind, rain and cold temperatures hit, it wreaks havoc on the mortar of your chimney, which is the freeze/thaw cycle. When rain gets into the pores of your mortar and the temperatures hit freezing, that water freezes and expands in the brick, causing havoc. The next time it rains, this process repeats itself until finally, those pores are large enough to cause structural damage.

If your mortar feels soft or crumbly, chances are this is happening. In this case, we’ll recommend tuckpointing, or removing the old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new, strong mortar. This is a process that only a professional should attempt, and the technicians at Alpine Chimney Sweeps are experts of it. It’s important to take care of any mortar work when the weather is warm, so that your chimney is ready for the fall when you are ready to use it.

A Good Sweeping

Once we’ve inspected your chimney from top to bottom, we’ll give your chimney a good sweeping to make sure all the soot, blockages, and creosote are cleared out. This is important because it will help prevent dangerous chimney fires that can put your home and family in jeopardy. When it’s time to get your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, make sure to give us a call. We’ll take care of every part of your chimney, from the chimney cap and crown down to the firebox and the ash dump. Call today and get your appointment!