We Provide Exceptional & Expert Tuckpointing, Masonry Repairs & Chimney Rebuild To Westchester County, NY

For masonry chimneys, deterioration is inevitable overtime. However, there is no need to be upset or fret about this fact. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we are the expert masons to trust with all of your masonry issues. We have extensive knowledge and training on specialized techniques such as tuckpointing, masonry repairs, and chimney rebuild. When your chimney is in bad shape, call our team of experts today to repair and restore your chimney! 

tuckpointing, masonry repairs, and chimney rebuild services you can count on

When homeowners neglect their chimney and fireplace, this results in crumbling, wore out, ugly, and inefficient chimney systems. However, the experts at Alpine Chimney Sweeps is here to restore your chimney with top notch tuckpointing, masonry repairs, and chimney rebuild. 

  1. Tuckpointing – This is the process of removing old and wore out mortar joints and replacing it with new and stronger mortar to reinforce your chimney structure. Our skillful experts can perform this for your masonry chimney to increase the stability and safety of your chimney and home.
  2. Masonry Repairs – When the bricks of your chimney is causing problems, then we will perform masonry repairs. Our expert masons can replace your crumbling and deteriorating bricks with new, beautiful, and matching bricks to reinforce the stability of your entire chimney. 
  3. Chimney Rebuild – This is only needed when your chimney structure is beyond repairs, and our experts can let you know if this is the case. We will either partially or fully rebuild your chimney to ensure utmost safety and efficiency of your system. 


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Alpine Chimney Sweeps is the best! Joey was a pleasure to work with! He installed our beautiful new fireplace and performed extensive chimney work for us on time and on budget. So refreshing not having to deal with “hidden” costs. I would highly recommend them. Thanks again Joey!

Carrie Knab

This is an exceptional company that was very dependable and did an excellent job. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Linda Lukose