Fall is here in full swing and that means the air is cooling down, the grass isn’t growing and needing to be mowed, and those beautiful colored leaves are starting to fall…and fall, and fall! It’s beautiful and fresh and those leaves sound so cheerful, crunching beneath your feet as you take walks in the beautiful autumn air. And it can be so much fun to jump in a leaf pile after spending family fun time raking them up. Unfortunately, not all the leaves that are falling make it to the ground. Some of them end up on your roof, and when the rain comes, Suffolk NY Gutter Cleaning and Repair - Westchester CO NY - Alpine Chimneyit sweeps them right into the gutter, and that’s a problem.

What Happens When the Gutters Get Full

There are some problems that can occur when gutters get full. First of all, when your gutters get full they can’t fulfill their main purpose, which is to direct water down the rain spout and away from the foundation of your home. When this water isn’t directed away, it can land right next to the base of the house, where it can wear away at the foundation, causing instability there which can affect the structure of your home.

Another problem that can be caused is damage to the fascia boards, Fascia boards are the boards that hold the gutter system, and because they are made of wood, when leaves fill the gutter, precipitation isn’t directed away but instead overflows the gutters, and that can cause the wood to weaken and rot. If you have wood siding, it can cause that to rot as well.

When there are too many leaves filling your gutter, water won’t be able to run out, and if the temperatures drop below freezing, that water can freeze in your gutters. This can cause water to pool and eventually leak back into your house, and that can cause some interior damage to occur.

Sturdy and Clean

When it comes to gutters, it’s important that they are strong and sturdy. Gutters take a lot of wear and tear from precipitation and wind, and over time, they can become rusted and loose. When this happens, they aren’t able to perform the function for which they were designed. Having a reliable gutter system that directs water away from your home is a cheap insurance policy against the damage that rusted, torn, or full gutters can cause in your home.

Call The Best in the Business

Now that autumn is here, it’s a great time to give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call and let us come over and check out the status of your gutters. We can help you install a reliable gutter system and then keep those gutters clean so that you don’t have to worry about stopped up gutters that don’t direct water away from your foundation. If you live in Suffolk, New York or the surrounding communities, you can’t do better than Alpine Chimney Sweeps when it comes to gutter installation and cleaning!