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Smoke Chamber Repair

The smoke chamber is an important part of the anatomy of your chimney. It sits at the top of the firebox and right under the flue, and it’s the place where the smoke mixes then rises to flow out of the chimney and away from your home. The smoke chamber’s walls should be as smooth as possible so the smoke can slide through easily, but sometimes the walls get cracks or chips, and sometimes the design of the chamber is faulty. Because the sides are sloped, in some cases, the walls are corbelled, which means they were fashioned in a stair-step design. If any of these are the case, then we’ll recommend that you have your smoke chamber parged. This process involves coating the surface of the smoke chamber with mortar to make sure the sides are as smooth as silk.

Deteriorating Mortar

Another repair that Alpine Chimney Sweeps can help you with is replacing mortar that has started to deteriorate. It’s a simple process to find out if your mortar is getting old; just go outside and take a look at the chimney itself. If there are little chips of mortar laying on the ground or if the mortar is crumbly and grainy, then it’s time to think about replacing it. The process of replacing mortar is called tuckpointing. During this procedure, the old mortar is picked out from between the bricks and replaced with new, matching mortar. Because this can be a tricky process, it’s important that you call in professionals that have the proper tools and experience to do the job right.

Replacing the Chimney Liner

The chimney liner plays an important role in the function of your fireplace. It protects the combustibles that are near your fireplace from the heat of the burning fire. It also protects the interior of your chimney from the corrosive effects of the chemicals released in your fire’s smoke. A correctly sized liner can also give you lower heating bills by helping your fire burn more efficiently by causing the correct amount of draft.

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When it comes to chimney repair, you want to hire a company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of all of their customers and leaving them completely satisfied. That company is Alpine Chimney Sweeps. We can repair your chimney cap or crown, make sure your flashing is fastened securely and in a good state of repair, and check out your firebox to make sure it’s in great shape to support your next fire. Call us soon so that your chimney is ready for the fast approaching winter season!