It’s not hard to think about the positives of owning a fireplace. First, the look of a fireplace can give a room a definite vibe or feel. You can change the outside of your fireplace to create a completely different ambiance. You can add a different type of brick to the exterior, or even replace the brick with marble or limestone. If you don’t have the funds to do a complete makeover you can even paint the bricks to add a bright new look to the room. Another benefit of a fireplace is that it adds a delightful warmth to a room on a cold winter’s night. If you’re talking resale value, a fireplace is a real selling point. But there are some things that aren’t quite so great. Fortunately, any problem your fireplace can give is one that  Alpine Chimney Sweeps can solve. Smoke or Odor Problem With Your Chimney

Nasty Odors

If you’ve been noticing that there is a rank odor coming from the fireplace, creosote might be the culprit. Creosote, the natural byproduct of a wood fire, is formed when the warm smoke from your fire hits the cooler surface of the interior of your chimney and condenses, forming a crusty or thick substance that clings to the surface of your chimney. This substance is highly flammable and can easily catch a spark from your fire when it’s as little as an eighth of an inch of buildup. This is a serious problem, but another problem with creosote buildup is that it can carry a nasty smell with it. During the summer, when it can get pretty humid, that moisture mixes with the creosote and can cause the odor to intensify. This odor can carry down into your home and spread that smell throughout the house.

Another reason your chimney might smell is that there may be some old leaves that have blown in and then have sat in the chimney, got wet, and started to get moldy and rotten. Sometimes an animal can get stuck in your chimney and die. If either of these is true, the rotting smell can become pretty overwhelming.

Negative Air Pressure

As strange as it may seem, sometimes your home can be built too tight. Although you want your home to hold in the warm, heated air or the cool, air conditioned air, if there isn’t enough air flow, outside air could be drawn down your chimney. This can cause a couple of problems. First, if there is anything in your chimney that is odorous, that smell will be drawn into your home. Second, if you’re burning a fire at the time, smoke can be drawn back into your home, and that makes the whole cozy experience anything but cozy!

We Can Fix It

No matter what the problem might be that is causing an odor or smoke problem in your home, Alpine Chimney Sweeps has a solution. We’re experts in chimney inspection, cleaning, and repair, and your satisfaction is our number one goal! Call soon and we’ll take care of odor problems before they get out of control!