You’ve been using your chimney all season long during the long New York winter. It feels good to relax at the end of a long day out in the cold. Now that the winter is ending, it’s time to start thinking about all of those great summertime activities. From hiking to taking walks, to swimming, spring is enjoyable for all. There are also some things you should be thinking about doing that are less fun. Things like washing the winter grit off the siding and windows, doing some deep down spring cleaning, and making sure that your chimney is cleaned up and ready to rest all summer long.

Why Have It Cleaned?CSIA Chimney Sweeps - Putnam County NY - Alpine Chimney Sweeps

You might be wondering why it’s so important to have your chimney cleaned on an annual basis. One reason is creosote buildup. Every time you burn wood in your fireplace, the moisture that is still in the wood is released. With the moisture, a variety of chemicals are released that might be harmful to your health. When that mixture of moisture and chemicals reaches the top of your chimney, the smoke condenses and forms creosote. The big problem with creosote is that it is very flammable, and even as little as an eighth of an inch can cause a major chimney fire or even a little one which can damage your chimney.

Chimney Odors

Another reason to have your chimney cleaned is because of the odor. When the weather gets hot and damp, it can mix with the creosote in the chimney and bring a nasty odor. This odor works its way down the chimney and into your home. There it can permeate the carpet, drapes or curtains, and sofa cushions and pillows. This smell lingers which is why getting rid of it early is best. After the professionals at Alpine Chimney Sweeps come in and sweep your chimney, you’ll be left with a sweet-smelling chimney all summer long.

Call Alpine Chimney Sweeps

Did you know that your chimney is the ideal place for birds and animals to build nests? Now that spring is just around the corner, critters start to think about starting a family, and your chimney is the perfect place. It’s dark, warm, and out of the way of wind and natural predators. When these animals leave, they leave behind their nests, which can dry out and leave a perfect blockage to catch a spark and cause a chimney fire. When you call Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we’ll make sure that your chimney cap is in great condition so it is still keeping critters and precipitation out.

If you live in Putnam County, New York, you can’t do better than giving Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call and letting us take care of all your chimney needs!