We Offer Expert Repairs & Waterproofing Service for Chimney Leaks!

A leaky chimney causes many problems such as unattractive stains, damages and deterioration, as well as potentially life threatening situations like chimney fires or gas leaks. Because chimney leaks are not obvious, it’s important to keep up with your yearly chimney inspections. During the inspection, we look into your chimney issues and identify where the water is coming from. Let our professionals put their experience and expertise to work to protect you!

Reasons to invest in chimney leak repairs and waterproofing

Chimney leaks can hit any part of your chimney. However, the experts at Alpine Chimney Sweeps know the vulnerable areas that are susceptible to leaks. Some of the areas that we check for are the following:

  • The chimney cap – Your chimney cap sits at the top of your chimney, and it helps to prevent water, birds, debris, and other animal invasions. We offer and install caps of many sizes and styles including copper, stainless steel, multi-flue, and removable caps.
  • The flashing – The flashing is the area where the roof meets the chimney, and it is very vulnerable to leaks. Our experts have the skills and experience to repair or rebuild it properly for years of protection.
  • The crown – The crown is the cement part of your chimney that sits at the very top. However, because of time and water, it deteriorates and needs repair or rebuild. Our team is here to help!
  • The masonry – Overtime, the brick and mortar of your chimney get damaged from moisture. This causes all kinds of break down, cracking, and crumbling, but our team is here to help by providing top-notch waterproofing service!

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