We Offer the Best Stove Pipes & Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Chimney liners are such an important part of the chimney system, as they work to protect you and your home from hazards. At Alpine Chimney Sweeps, we offer the best stove pipes and stainless steel chimney liners. How do you know if your chimney needs relining or your fireplace needs a new stove pipe? Well, if you are even asking this question, then it’s time to consider it. When your liner has been damaged, the flue is the wrong size, there has been a chimney fire, or you are changing fuel type, then it’s definitely time to reline your chimney! Call our professionals, we are here to reline your chimney or install a new stove pipe!

Reasons to invest in a stainless steel liner

Stainless steel liners are the best option for relining your chimney, and our professionals are the ones to trust. Relining your chimney properly is key, and our professionals have years of experience installing them. Our liners also come with a lifetime warranty, so you know your investment is worthwhile. The top three reasons to invest in relining with stainless steel include:

  • They last a lifetime.
  • They can safely and effectively vent all fuel types (gas, oil, wood, pellet).
  • They are available in many sizes.