A Stainless Steel Chimney Cap For Every Style of Home

Providing Your Chimney the Protection It Needs

Alpine is an established company with 25 years in the business! Our fully licensed and insured technicians are experts at what they do. We can fix, repair and install chimney caps to keep your chimney protected from the rain and animals. From multi-flue chimney caps and wood stove chimney caps to chimney cap replacements, we have it all covered!

The Many Benefits of a Quality Chimney Cap

Chimney caps play an essential role in protecting the chimney and ensuring safety in the home. This includes:

  • keeping water from entering the chimney flue, enhancing the functionality and durability of the chimney and it’s parts
  • providing a barrier to keep birds and small animals out of the chimney and your home
  • preventing a roof fire by catching burning sparks and embers at the top of the chimney

Essentially, a chimney cap plays a vital role in protecting and maintaining your flue and helps keep everything in top working order. We can install, repair and replace all types of caps, and will find the style you need. Whether you need a multi flue cap or something that will add a little decoration, we have what you’re looking for!