Stop The Fireplace Draft By Having Your Damper Repaired Or Replaced

Keep The Cold Air Out!

Lower energy bills this winter with damper repairs or a top-sealing damper. A damper keeps the cold air and water out of the chimney, while trapping the warm air in when the fire isn’t burning. We can repair your chimney dampers or we can install a new one! Metal on metal chimney dampers rust easily, making them hard to open/close and allow cold air in easily. Our team of professionals can fix your current chimney damper to keep your home cozy.

The Benefits of Top-Sealing Dampers

Our professionals can also outfit your chimney with a brand new top-sealing damper! These dampers offer a variety of benefits for homeowners looking to get rid of the fireplace drafts during the winter:

  • They are easy to open and close, and since a top-sealing damper is not metal on metal, it is less likely to rust and get stuck in the open/close position.
  • A lifetime warranty is included!
  • They are discreet and serve as a chimney cap as well to keep the water and cold out!

While they are a bigger investment up front, the majority of homeowners agree that these dampers pay for themselves in energy savings! Book an appointment today and get rid of the chill in your home.

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