It’s Time For a Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping!

We Will Leave Your Chimney Cleaner, Safer, and More Efficient

Your chimney works to contain and eliminate hazardous substances every time you use your stove or fireplace to protect your family. The smoke, burning fuel, and particles of your fire cause debris and creosote to accumulate. These byproducts can cause fires and blockages if allowed to buildup for too long. By using specialized brushes and hand tools, a certified chimney sweep will ensure a swept chimney and a clean home before leaving.

The Preparation and Process of a Chimney Sweeping

To prepare for a chimney sweeping appointment, we suggest you:

  • avoid lighting a fire in the fireplace 24-hours prior
  • move any fragile items or furniture within 6 feet away from the fireplace or stove
  • keep your pets confined in a different room

During the process our certified chimney sweeps will:

  • check accessible areas of the chimney, inside and out, for damages, blockages and safety
  • sweep the chimney and firebox using specialized tools
  • scrub the smoke chamber, damper and smoke shelf
  • ensure that the home is left mess-free.

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