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Our Chimney Services

Clean/Repair Fireplaces (New/Existing)

Oil & Gas Boilers/Burners cleaned.

Clean/Repair/Install Pre Fabricated Fireplaces: (New/Existing) Gas, Pellet or Wood burning

Chimney & Fireplace Refacing:  Brick, Cultured Stone, tile, marble etc.

Vent caps:  Keep mice, rats and squirrels from entering into your home up through your toilet. (Pair of eyes looking up back at you!) Cap those little pipes on the roof! Don’t let leaves fall in those pipes or let birds nest in them. Even a small blockage will allow sewer gases to enter your home through your sink drain. That includes bacteria, viruses and methane gases.

Clean your dryer vent every 8 months. Lower your utility bills and help prevent dryer fires from lint build-up.  You should know better!

Gutter Cleaning. Prevent wood rot to your house. Clean twice a year. We also do gutter guards. Keeps leaves out.

Caulking: Chimney to house and spaces in slate roofs & shingles. Prevent wood rot & drafts! Keep heating & air conditioning costs way down!

Waterproofing: Keep your bricks from falling apart! Keep the cement between the bricks of your chimney from turning to sand.  Keep the wood nice & tight, not just your chimney, but do your whole house! Anything that’s brick, cement or wood.

Old TV antennas removed: Have cable or satellite? Make your house more appealing by removing that old, ugly monstrosity of an antenna!

Chimney flashing: Help prevent roofs & walls from rotting by sealing where the roof and the chimney meet. If rotting occurs, the plywood would need to be ripped up from underneath your roof and replaced.  A very common problem but is avoidable by flashing!

Fleas & Ticks: Just capped your chimney for the first time. Have your chimney sanitized! Fleas, ticks and parasites can invade your home very easily.  They’re just a few feet away!

Bee & wasp nest removal: We’ll “bee” careful… Guaranteed!

Clean out doors and ash dump doors installed!

Smoke pipes on your boiler or furnace: New ones installed. Old smoke pipes are dangerous. They can fall apart and set the ceiling on fire.

Top sealing fireplace damper doors: Save fuel! Help prevent drafty fireplaces. Even a regular brand new bottom damper leaks. Ours is airtight!

Cement/Masonry work: Keep your chimney standing tall!

Metal Prefab chimneys installed for gas and oil! UL listed, 2100 degrees tested. We also install brick looking housing to your prefab. It’s much cheaper than real brick and gives the same look!

Stainless steel chimney rain caps: Preserve the inside of your chimney while keeping animals, water and leaves out!  Also, it’s a spark arrester while using the fireplace. Stainless steel rain caps are Lifetime Guaranteed!

Electrical/Non Electric Turbine (Fan) Cap : Installed on the chimney top to help draft on your fireplace and boiler/burner. We also sell draft inducing caps & smoke guards for the firebox.

Chimney Relining: Save fuel and prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Upgrading your chimney with a metal, stainless steel tube is now code in New York, even if your chimney is brand new! Lifetime Guaranteed!

Smoke chamber repair: Main reason why homes burn down with fireplaces. It’s the area above your damper. No flue liner there.  A very vulnerable area.

Exterior chimney cleaning: Is your chimney an eye sore from the outside? Let’s clean it up!

Smoke and Odor Problems

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