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Chimney Flashing Installation & Repair

Chimney Flashing Services

Flashing  (the sheet metal that ensures that the intersection between the roof and the chimney is watertight) is a common source of chimney leakage problems. A properly-functioning flashing will be implanted into the chimney stonework (or brickwork) and comprise of both counter and step flushing underlaid with a water and ice shield membrane. Flashings are custom-built at the work site to ascertain that there is a tightly-fitting seal between your roof and your chimney. Once it is completed properly by our skilled roofing experts, the flashing will remain water-tight for many years. Chimney flashing that is of poor quality can cause your roof to age prematurely.

Poor installation of the roof flashing can leave your home vulnerable to snow and sleet during winter, it is highly advisable to hire a professional so that that the damage is repaired straightaway.

However, not all chimney flashing problems are as a result of improper installation. The flashing can break off or become loose due to strong winds or other harsh weather conditions. Flashing, just like anything else, will wear down over time. If your chimney flashing is corroded, rusted, broken or chipped, it needs to be repaired.

We provide the following chimney flashing repair services: 

  • We begin with a comprehensive inspection of the base of your chimney and the walls in order to assess the damage before selecting the most suitable repair options for your chimney flashing.
  • We check the metal flashing, counter flashing and underlying step, searching for tears, cracks or bending. In case we see a gap or a part of the flashing that is damaged, this might be the cause of your leak. Because flashing offers protection from the elements, it is essential to maintain it in the right manner.
  • We remove any dried-out roof cement and caulking around the base of the chimney.
  • We apply flashing cement again in order to seal your roof flashing properly.

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