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Chimney Cap Installation & Repair

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A Chimney cap, also known as a rain cover or spark arrestor, is a cover that is installed on the topmost part of your chimney. It plays an essential role in protecting your chimney and ensuring safety in your home. A chimney cap offers several benefits such as stopping water from getting into the chimney flue and keeping birds and small animals out of your chimney. Chimney caps also serve as spark arrestors, catching burning sparks or embers that may be caught in the fireplace draft and start a fire.

A chimney cap plays a vital role in maintaining your flue and chimney in proper working condition throughout the year.

It enhances the functionality and durability of your chimney by preventing water from getting in the chimney flu. A dampened flue is one of the main reasons why your chimney may not work optimally.

Today, homeowners in New York can choose from a wide variety of caps such as copper, stainless steel and multi-flue chimney caps. In addition, there are removable caps that can easily be installed and cleaned. Our services are intended to satisfy a wide selection of clients in New York- including brownstones, homeowners associations (HOA), residential homes, commercial buildings and apartment buildings. We are committed to offering clients the best quality service.

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